Dear Church,
As the number of Covid cases spike in Henry County and across our state, our Administrative Council has decided to phase back some of our previous protocols at Wesley Way UMC.  These will begin today, Wednesday August 18, 2021.
Protocols to resume:
-Masks will continue to be provided but not required.  Mask wearing is at your discretion.
-Social distancing is practiced at all times, to the best of our ability. 
-In worship, seating groups will be spaced 6 feet from one another and singing will continue.
-Bulletins will be made available in the lobby, but not handed out.
-Use of the water fountains is discouraged. Water bottles will continue to be provided.
-Seating for meals and Wednesday night suppers should be 4 to a table unless it is a family group.
-Offering plates remain postponed.
-We support and uphold the current practices in our Preschool program in regards to their own protocols.
Thank you,
Pastor Michelle and the Administrative Council